Adi Hi Tech Textiles Private Limited

Adi Hi Tech Textiles Pvt Ltd, located in Ambad, Nashik, has a strong reputation for consistently meeting the needs of its valued customers. Established in 1993, the company has earned a well-known status in its industry over the years.

At Adi Hi Tech Textiles Pvt Ltd in Ambad, Nashik, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. This guiding principle has enabled us to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. We place paramount importance on ensuring a positive customer experience and consistently providing top-quality products, including a range of offerings such as Woven Labels and Taffeta Woven Labels.

With the aim of helping businesses connect with their target audience, this platform enables them to present their products and services digitally through a comprehensive catalog. Our platform supports a diverse array of product offerings, including Satin Labels, Woven Labels for Garments, Taffeta Woven Labels, and more.

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Our products include Taffeta Woven Label, Twill Woven Label, LB Fashion Woven Label, Woven Labels, Woven Label and Neighborhood Woven Label.

Taffeta Woven Label

Taffeta, or Plain Weave, is the tightest weave structure possible and therefore has stability and durability, even at relatively low thread density. This makes Taffeta very economical for basic labelling.

Twill Woven Label

Very similar characteristics to Taffeta ground but a diagonal pattern is often seen in the ground weave. By using a twill (diagonal weave) we can emphasize either the ground weft or the warp to affect the colour. Because twill weaves are not as tightly interlaced as Taffeta, it is normal to increase the weaving density to maintain firmness. This has the added benefit of slightly increased definition of the design details.

Woven Label